Audio Dramas

Set in early 17th century China, The Adventures of Little Gou are a series of swashbuckling tales of action, comedy and romance centered around the gambling martial artist nicknamed Little Gou (pronounced “Go”, as in “Go Listen to this, it’s good!). From his home in the small city of White Fox Town, to the palaces of the Middle Kingdom, Gou and his occasional companion Sister Cat (a homeless warrior nun) find adventure and intrigue at every turn as they live their lives in the dangerous and mysterious Martial Arts World.

Twin Stars is an epic science fiction adventure story set during the dying days of humanity’s first Empire of the Stars. With the death of the Emperor, the empire has fallen into civil war, and a great struggle has begun between the military, the merchants and the former nobility over what will become of the fallen civilization. Into this situation is thrust the talented young military officer Albert Tysen and the ambitious space pirate Zhang Ping-An. Each has a dream of what the fallen empire may become, and both spiral around each other on a collision course with destiny.

Some do it for money, others do it for thrills, and still others do it for duty. Whatever their reasons, people with superhuman abilities are hired by Arclight Securities to do the jobs that nobody else can handle. Team Iron Angel is the story of one of Arclight’s Parahuman Combat Teams, an all-female team of super-agents whose serial adventures take them across the world and beyond.

Thrust into an age-old struggle between the Damocles Corps and the dimensional culture pirates known at the Blood Reign Syndicate, Brad Ryans finds himself facing dangers from across time and space as the hero D-Ranger in this series of superheroic adventures. Aided only by his AI companion Pixelle, Brad must use all his wits, and the battle gear he inherited, to face the hordes of bizarre and lethal enforcers the Blood Reign sends to turn our world into a lifeless husk.